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Only Fresh Ingredients

How fresh ingredients can play a factor in the taste of food. If a chef is working with old chicken or fish, those proteins are going to lose out on their flavor. 


Our Story

Chukwuma Obiakor

It is my pleasure to introduce myself. I am Chukwuma Obiakor. I am an African Nigerian. My wife and I got married in Lagos Nigeria. I moved to the U.S. soon after we got married. We had a second wedding in the U.S. when I arrived there in December 2019. Because my wife is very ambitious and gifted, we decided to start this business. By the grace of God, we are doing well. My name Chukwuma means God’s own. I thank God for bringing me together with my wife. We praise God.

Jennifer miracle Obiakor

My name is Jennifer miracle Obiakor. I was born on the beautiful island of St Lucia, and for nine years I worked at the Wyndham Morgan Bay hotel in St Lucia. I moved to the USA in February of 2000. I am now a U.S. Citizen and I have two beautiful daughters. I met my husband at church and We were praying for our marriage. when he was seeking a wife and I was praying for a good husband. Mr. Obiakor asked me to marry him, so I said yes. When I got married in December 2018, my niece Sharmany and a friend helped me with decorations and table settings. I cooked all the food and drinks for our wedding and decided to become a full-time caterer and delivery person. During that time, I started to sell my food in downtown Brooklyn. When I go to sell my food, it will get sold out in an hour. I have customers who look for me. In less than half an hour, I will sell out of chicken, jerk pork, and spare ribs. I am thankful to God for everything he has done for us. God bless all of you.

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